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The Committee for the Concerns of Junior Scientists Charter

This Committee shall act as a liaison between junior scientists and the American Physical Society-Division of Plasma Physics (APS-DPP), seeking to represent their interests and to promote their participation and advancement within plasma physics. The membership of this committee shall consist of two APS-DPP members, a chair and a co-chair. Every two years, the co-chair will become chair, and the DPP Chair will appoint a new co-chair and it is recommended that the committee members be junior scientists. As part of the committee's duties, it is recommended that a special event for the benefit of junior scientists be organized at the fall DPP annual meeting in coordination with the DPP chair. In addition, in order to facilitate the participation of junior scientists in DPP activities, it is recommended that the committee maintain an up to date database of junior scientists in the division.

Current ideas for committee activities include:

  1. Panel discussion at the APS-DPP annual meeting to include representatives from NIF, ITER, and/or DOE
  2. Encourage increased exposure for junior scientists at the APS-DPP annual meeting (i.e., invited session for junior scientists)
  3. Survey on concerns of junior scientists

Opportunities for Junior Scientists
(presented October 30, 2012 by James W. Van Dam, DOE/FES)

Committee members:

Timothy Tharp , University of California, Berkeley (Chair), tim.tharp@cern.ch
Richard Magee, West Virginia University (Vice Chair), richard.magee@mail.wvu.edu
Dylan Brennan, University of Tulsa (Past Chair), dylan-brennan@utulsa.edu

Please join us for our annual meeting events! Contact us with suggestions, comments, criticisms, and any other feedback.



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Department of Energy's laboratory equipment program

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Plasma Physics Summer School at LANL
National Undergraduate Fellowship Program in Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Sciences