Division of Plasma Physics


THE PERVASIVE PLASMA STATE that exists throughout the universe, in laboratories and in commercial applications, occurs over a wide variety of densities and temperatures. [Courtesy of the Contempory Physics Education Project]

The Pervasive Plasma State

  • Produced by Division of Plasma Physics of the American Physical Society
  • Editor: Herbert L. Berk
  • Technical Assistant: William H. Miner, Jr.
  • Designed by: Joe London, UT Publications
  • Printing: The Whitley Company (Austin, Texas), 1996
  • Cover Photograph: Electron Cyclotron Resonance Reactor (see page 5)

Copies of brochure available upon request from; Saralyn Stewart; Mail Stop C-1500; Institute for Fusion Studies; University of Texas at Austin; Austin, Texas 78712 Fee for postage and handling: 1 copy/$2.00; 10 copies/$10.00; 50 copies $25.00

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